Five Things to Consider Before Your Holiday Road Trip

Before you are ready to go on your holiday road trip, take a few minutes to consider these five things you should have in the car with you on that long drive.

These items can make the difference in you arriving at your holiday destination on time or sitting on the side of the road stranded and waiting for help.

1. Bring a gas can so you can get fuel fast without searching for one on the road.

2. Have a set of jumper cables in the vehicle in the event the battery stops working.

3. Keep a few flashlights and plenty of batteries in the car in case you're stuck at night.

4. Pack road flares for alerting drivers your car is stuck.

5. A roll of duct tape can fix a dozen of issues in the car.

Auto Plaza Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can offer you a road trip check-up to ensure everything is in your vehicle is in the best working order.

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